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Warning About Buying From the Internet

Please Scroll Down to See Pictures of Disaster Gowns

Brides should be aware of the disadvantages and inconveniences of buying from unauthorised sellers over the internet

Thanks to the internet, everything from the latest wedding dresses to free wedding planning services are now only a mouse click away.

Today's brides are very savvy and advertising on the web is becoming increasingly popular for many bridal boutiques.

Therefore brides are being tempted by many foriegn bridal web sites with extreme money saving offers on the purchase of their wedding gown.

When the bride decides to order her dress online, she is required to pay in full even before it has been shipped and often the gown is never delivered.

With Foreign Sites Beware! Usually the delivery company hit you at your door with another unexpected delivery charge that you were

not made aware of and they will not release the item to you before you pay these excessive charges to them.

Many brides are hungry for discount but don't realise that they are rarely saving money and may end up spending more on an inferior gown.

All bridal gowns must be fitted by someone who's expertise in altering such an important gown is needed, qualified seamstresses are hard

to find and generally seamstresses who are used to working on superior gowns will not work on cheap copies as they are not made well enough to alter

correctly which can cause the seamstress stress and anxiety. A full service brick's and motar shop will take care of all your needs and put your mind at ease in

addition a full service shop does not require final payment until the bride picks up her dress and is satisfied. We believe that the internet should be used on

a reference basis only. The majority of sites are hoax sites and not genuine retailers and we have seen some of the horrendous gowns and heard too many

horror stories of girls receiving damaged, dirty dresses of inferior construction and quality, no sequins and beads, wrong style ( nothing like the picture),

wrong colour, too short, made from cheap linning fabric, hidden extra postage charges and customs import duty or simply not receiving the order or even

being charged twice. We have received many calls from frantic brides asking for our help because they'd seen what they thought was the same dress

that they had tried on in our shop cheaper on line so they ordered it and when it arrived it was not at all what they expected.

In the long run it can cost you more for an inferior gown. It is very risky for such an important day.

We have a highly service-orientated bridal shop and stock products you cannot buy online. Every bride wants to look beautiful

on her wedding day and full-service salons aim to give brides the highest quality in gowns and service.

Buyers beware of internet discounts from unauthorized sellers, it's too risky to take a chance on such an important item.


"You Deserve Peace Of Mind On Your Wedding Day"

WARNING  Before spending any of your money with internet sites 

PLEASE look at these pictures showing dresses which have been purchased online by UK brides & prom girls who have then called their local bridal shops all over the UK to see if we can work miracles on their very upsetting purchases, as you will see these gowns are impossible to change. it's false economy because you then have to purchase another gown and you may not have the time to have your dream dress made in time for your wedding.

One of our customer's purchased 2 gowns over the internet, both were a disaster she ended up buying 'The One' she wanted in the first place from us but rather than her saving money she actually wasted nearly £500.

We could tell you lot's of disaster stories, we have girls in our shop almost every week in tears ~ please don't be one of them!

REMEMBER  "If it sounds too good to be true it usually is so don't waste your money!"

Please Scroll Down to See Pictures of Disaster Gowns

The pictures you look at online Look like the Real Deal but this is what you get!

Can you Spot the Real One?



This gown was ordered in ivory but arrived white with pink embroidery due to the red dye bleeding onto the stitching, no beadwork,

much too short, lace back mis-aligned, inferior fabric and boning.




                                                                                                          You should not be able to do this with a bridal gown it has no boning to give it structure                                                                                                                     

Because it has no boning or structure it hangs like a sack, notice the nice 'boob cup' which is what they called a built in bra








The fabric was cheap lining fabric with no weight to it.   Beadwork was horrendous, no seqins on skirt, no boning or structure to the bodice which was lopsided.

This gown was ordered in champagne but arrived in green with a broken zip! The seller could not be contacted to complain to as email address and phone number no longer exsisted



If any of you have a similar story to tell or a picture of a gown you have received from the internet please email with your picture to

We will post the picture on our site which will, hopefully, help others avoid this happening to them.  Thank You

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