Selling Your Wedding Gown




We have been so successful at selling once worn gowns that we are desperate for more so we have decided to offer our services for free for the time being.

We will display your bridal gown in our shop at no cost to you!

At the moment this is completely free with no handling charge or charge for photographing and posting a photo of your gown on our facebook page and website.

If your gown fits the criteria below why not ring us to book an appointment to find out more 0151 420 2798  Wed~Fri~Sat 10am~4.30pm Thurs 11am~4pm


                                      Sell Your Gown At Special Daze                                                      

Is your gown stuck up in your loft & you've been wondering whether to keep it or not?                

  Have you tried to sell your gown online & had no luck?                 

              Would you like to earn some extra cash?                                    


                       You need to make a quick decision if you want to sell as your gown will become completley worthless very quickly.                        

                        We are now offering to sell your gown for you in our beautiful shop.                                


What We Provide The Special Daze reputation & our expertise from 34 years of experience selling bridal gowns.  

Professionally displayed in luxurious surroundings & use of our fitting rooms, our collection of beautiful veils & tiaras to enhance the sale,

promoted through our website & Facebook page to maximise the gown's selling potential, the services of our seamstresses for the buyer of your gown,

no postage & packaging to pay for, guaranteed payment, hassle free for you, we believe this is the best chance you have for selling your wedding gown.  

We have over 300 gowns in the shop in all sizes & we are well known for our very reasonable prices which attracts custom from all over the UK.

Your gown must be clean if it isn't & you are using our Agency we can clean your gown for you at the special price of £50.

If your gown is clean but creased & not looking pristine for our showroom we charge £25 to steam it.  

Ideally we would like gowns to be no more than 2 years old although if your gown is older & we think that it doesn't look dated we would

consider displaying it for you.

In this day & age internet buying has reduced the cost of certain bridal gowns so you would need to be realistic with your asking price.  

If you are asking too much for a once worn gown it is not going to sell.   We need to be competitive with our prices as our brand new styles are usually

£100's of pounds less than elsewhere so please consider this.   We understand that you may have paid a great deal of money for your gorgeous gown

but unfortunately gowns depreciate dramatically.

At the moment we are looking for well known designer, quality gowns which you would be prepared to sell for between £100 to £300.

There is a small handling charge for this service, to get you started this is offered free for the first 4 weeks.   If you would like your gown posted on or

website & on our Facebook page there is a one off fee of £10 for however long you wish to keep your gown with us. 

We see this as a Win!....Win!....Win!....oppurtunity!   Great for the Bride-to-Be!   Great for You!   Great for Us!   Everybody's Happy!

If you would like to come in to see us to find out more please bring with you any tags you may have from the gown, the designer's name,

the size, the length after any adjustments at your fittings, the price you paid with your original receipt if possible, the date of purchase,

the date of your wedding & any photos showing the front & the back of your gown.

Why not ring us to book an appointment to find out more 0151 420 2798  Wed~Fri~Sat 10am~4.30pm Thurs 11am~4pm


Code of Practice  

We abide by the following Code of Practice.

Our customers will be met with a warm welcome.

Our merchandise will be clearly priced.

Our advertising will be clear and truthful.

Our customers will have accurate and adequate pre-contractual information allowing them to make informed choices.

Our contracts are set out in plain language, are clear, fair and accurate.  Their terms will be fully explained, prior to any sale being agreed.

There will be no high pressure sales techniques used.

We will respond to all complaints promptly and make every effort to resolve them immediately.

Our customer service and aftercare will be of the highest standard, aimed at exceeding expectations.

"Only the best is good enough!"