Cleaning & Preservation Service is available here at Special Daze

When the big day has come and gone one of your most precious and lasting memories will be your gown

In order to keep your gown just as perfect and beautiful as it was the day you said "I Do" bridal gown preservation is a must

The process begins by arranging an appointment to bring your gown to Special Daze we will examine it and tell you how much it will

cost this is usually from £40 to £60 which is dramatically less than elsewhere some companies are charging £120 Bridesmaids cleaned from £10

It is always better to have your gown cleaned immediately after wear, marks are easier to remove when they are quite fresh

We will clean your gown even if it was not purchased at Special Daze


Gown cleaning takes 7 to 14 days




You may only require gown cleaning but if you want to keep your gown as an heirloom then it will need preserving in a specially made box

Boxes come in lots of different sizes and patterns with acid free tissues included to fold around your freshly cleaned gown

If you like you can have your name and wedding date hand written in Calligraphy on the inside of the lid

Handmade in the UK Wedding Dress Boxes start at £35.90   


Why choose a Wedding Box?


 1) Do not store long term in plastic dress covers. They are suitable for hanging the dress before the wedding, but not for long term storage 

  They let in light that can fade fabric, they do not allow for changes in humidity, in extreme cases this will cause condensation and mould

PVC covers will disintegrate after several years and particles may drop onto the fabric of the dress                                                  

2) Do not store in a normal cardboard box. Unless made with special pH neutral board, all boxes contain acid that passes into the dress 

                                                                   fabric causing discolouration/yellowing                                    

                                                                3) Wardrobes, drawers, suitcase linnings, colour dyes in clothes, will have an effect on the purer fabrics of a wedding dress if it lies next to it

                                                                   It is always best to separate a wedding dress from any other item and to surround it with an acid free medium

                                                                4) NEVER wrap the wedding dress in BLACK tissue paper. All coloured tissue paper contains dye which will affect the dress

                                                                   Place the dress in a genuinely dark place and tissue paper should be white and acid free                                                                                                                                                                                               5) Although OK short term, don't hang a dress on a hanger long term, to avoid stress on the seams and shape. When hanging always use the

                                                                  dress hoops not straps

                                                                6) Never store the dress in the attic. All sorts of disasters such as a leaking roof, general damp and insects can affect a dress in the attic

                                                                  even if it's well protected!



1) Do have the dress cleaned by Special Daze first before storing away. Cleaning removes stains that may show later on                           

2) Follow simple sensible rules, store away from heat, light, damp etc.                                                                                                      

3) Always store in a pH neutral medium with tissue paper that is acid free (tissue paper will BECOME acidic if in a non acid free box and 

would have to be changed regularly)                                                                                                                                                

                                          4) A Wedding Dress Storage Box need to be sturdy enough to eliminate light, protect from dust and accident, be of breathable material ie: not                                    

    plastic & be pH neutral ie: contain no acid or alkali. A box made of heavy board with a fitted lid will protect from insects providing there

 are no gaps between lid and base.                                                                                                                                                     

                                      5) Keep your Wedding Box in a warm dry spare room that has no history of insects (NOT attic) & insect damage, damp etc will be totally minimised                      

                6) Once packed away check on the dress every 6 months or so to ensure nothing untoward has happened to it and unpacking and re-packing about 

 once a year can help prevent creases becoming permanent                                                                                                               

                                                             7) These Wedding Dress Boxes have been known to protect a wedding dress from flood damage and from smoke damage.  So please rest assured                                              

                                                           that these boxes can offer safe, sensible and natural protection to your dress that will keep it perfectly for years to come.                                                                             



             POSTAGE ON ORDERS UNDER £25 IS £2.95               

                 POSTAGE ON ALL OTHER BOXES IS £5.95 EACH                   

     UK Mainland Direct to your door or collect at our shop     


               How Quickly Will My Box Come?                  

              Each Box is made individually, your order usually takes 2 weeks but allow 28 days in the busy summer wedding season.       

                     Orders with Calligraphy take approx 1 week longer than those without.                    



The Medium Wedding Dress Box £35.90

Bridesmaid Box £44.00

Traditional Standard WeddingDress Box £55.90

Extra Large Wedding Dress Box £72.50

The Hollywood Heights Wedding Box £134.00

The Hollywood Extreme Wedding Box £164.00

Wedding Travel Standard £51.00

Wedding Travel Medium for Slender Gowns £34.50

Wedding Travel Maxi For Fuller Gowns £44.50

Wedding Travel Midi £41.50

The Travel Easy Box For Easy Jet Flights £44.00

Prom Dress Box £46.35

Grooms Waistcoat & Accessory Box £29.00

Wedding Posting Box £36.50


Other Boxes

Cath Kidston Designs

Wedding Photo Album Box £31.90

                  POSTAGE ON ORDERS UNDER £25 IS £2.95                 

                        POSTAGE ON ALL OTHER BOXES IS £5.95 EACH                       

     UK Mainland Direct to your door or collect at our shop


Christening Robe Box £35.90


"If a Star fell everytime I thought of you the sky would be empty"

Wedding Gown Storage Boxes


"Marriage is an empty box. It remains empty unless you put in more than you take out."