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       The right choice of accessories are crucial in perfecting the look you             

         desire on your wedding day.                

       Here at Special Daze Bridal House choosing those finishing touches couldn't                   

                          be easier. We have lots of gorgeous things for your hair.                                     

   Swarovski crystals, pearls, diamante, flowers and,             

      feathers, tiaras, combs & alice bands,           

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Different combing styles of wedding veils

Sizing and measuring of wedding veils

Caring for your veil

Many of our brides are unsure whether to have a veil or not, that is until they try one on! Most of them

(not all) fall in love with the romantic look of a veil with their wedding gown instantly, usually it's hankies at the ready

at this point especially for mum's! We have a lovely collection of veils in different styles, colours and lengths from the very

elegant and simple to veils covered with crystals which give a beautiful twinkle effect against your gown as you

walk to meet your groom.


     Petticoats & Underwear       


You must decide if you would like to wear an underskirt before you have your dress altered as wearing an underskirt

can shorten the length. Choosing to wear a hooped underskirt will certainly show off any beautiful detail which the skirt or

train may have. A hooped underskirt can also make the bride feel more comfortable as it helps to take the weight of your

gown away from your body making you feel instantly cooler ~ especially great for any of you who are marrying abroad.

     The most popular petticoats are single and double hooped which we usually have stock of in sml, med & lge. If you want

something more elaborate click below to go to our supplier who also has fabulous lingerie.  


     Wedding Boxes, Cleaning & Preservation


When the big day has come and gone one of your most precious and lasting memories will be your gown.  In order to keep your gown

just as perfect and beautiful as it was the day you said "I Do" bridal gown preservation is a must.  The process begins by arranging an

appointment with Hazel who deals with cleaning and preservation, you then bring your gown to Special Daze Bridal House and once you drop it off

we will have the box of your choice made for you and have the gown thoroughly cleaned (from £40).  If you opt for our £20 delivery service (local only)

we will do everything for you, we will pack the gown in the box in acid free tissue and have your name and wedding date hand written in

Calligraphy on the inside of the lid as well as deliver to your door. Perhaps you don't wish to keep the dress as a family heirloom and you

would rather try to sell it on ~ then if so we would definately recommend that the gown is cleaned immediately after wear, marks are

easier to remove when they are quite fresh.

Weddings Abroad

Hand Luggageequirents of Major Airlines
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Are You travelling abroad? Then what nicer way to start this special time in your life than by purchasing a Travel Box which will not only

look good in the airport but also offer you the security of having your dress with you at all times! Once home and the dress cleaned you can

keep it forever in this beautiful box. (Please check your airline for the maximum size allowed in the overhead locker).

Cleaning starts at £40 ~ Boxes start at £34.99

Consider choosing a colour which will always match the room in which you are going to keep your box.

Here are a few samples of the wonderful colours and patterns which are available.

"Above the carved wardrobe tress nearly reaching to the beams,

Lay my Mother's wedding dress in a box of olden dreams,

Enfolded in this floral box with ribbons to unfurl,

Nestling in the tissue was the silk, the lace, the pearl.

I'd gaze upon the box above and wonder when the day,

I would own a floral box my wedding dress to lay."



"Marriage is an empty box ~ it remains empty unless you put in more than you take out."

Wishing you a lifetime of love

from all at Special Daze