Choosing a Bridal Gown


One of the most exciting and memorable parts for the BIG day, is buying your dream dress.  

Many of our brides have an idea of the style they would like but more often end up with something completely

different ~ so bear this in mind when trying on ~ it may come as a surprise!  

With so many options and colours to choose from in our beautiful bridal room we have come up with a few

helpful hints which we hope will help you to select the right gown.


Start by browsing the web or magazines and cut out and print pictures of dresses that you feel might suit your shape and colouring,

glue them into a scrapbook and keep it with you when you visit us.  Bridal shops that are very busy and have a good reputation need to

run their service efficiently which means that you may only try on dresses during an appointment so do make sure that you

have one booked before you decide to go dress shopping with your family and friends as we don't want anyone to feel disappointed. 


Set Your Budget    As you are planning your overall wedding budget, make sure that you allow a chunk of it to go towards your dress.  

If when you are dress shopping you see something that is over budget, see if you can re-arrange your funds.   Or why not ask the shop

if they could sell the sample at a reduced price here at Special Daze we certainly wouldn't mind you asking.   

The dress part of the budget satisfies "your" special part of the day so make sure you feel like a princess.  

We are sure "Mr Right" would want you to look your absolute best on the BIG day, no matter what the cost (within reason of course!)


Free £1000 Insurance When You Buy a Gown From Us!

 Our brides can now buy their gowns with the added confidence that comes from knowing that their

deposit is protected against the financial failure of their retailer. In addition their gowns are covered against theft and accidental damage up until the ceremony itself.

We provide this service absolutely free!

Another reason to shop at SPECIAL DAZE!


Choose the Right Neckline   Try on several dresses and see which neckline suits you best.  Not everyone can pull off a strapless dress,

in the same way that not everyone will look good in a sweetheart neckline.   When you have tried on a few to get the feel,

you will have a better idea of what you prefer and feel confident in.


The Right Material   Similar to the neckline, make sure you go for the right material.  Beautiful dresses are made in several different

types of fabric, including silk, satin, taffeta, mikado, organza, chiffon...the list goes on.   Make sure that the material

your dress is made out of is appropriate for your figure and the time of year, and also the time of day your wedding will be held.  

A dress with a diamante bodice might not suit a morning wedding, but would be ideal for a mid-afternoon/evening wedding,

whereas a thin silk dress might be wonderful for a summer wedding but you would freeze in it if you wore it in the winter.  

Remember to buy special bridal underwear to go under your dress.  

You wouldn't want to pay for a beautiful gown and then be uncomfortable all day due to ill-fitting lingerie.


Trust the Experts   Wedding dress shop owners and designers know their stuff and will advise you on what looks good and what doesn't.  

At Special Daze we want you to look and feel fantastic because you are representing us, we always give an honest opinion

so please listen to our advise it really is genuine.  You might be surprised!  We have sold gowns for £500 when the

bridal gown budget has been twice that!  We are renowned for our honesty it is by far the best policy!  

Don't expect to be one of those brides who just knows straight away that you have found 'the one' it doesn't always work like that.  

When you step into the right dress your whole attitude towards your wedding will change.   Try on some accessories to match perhaps

a veil or some beautiful jewellery to complete the look.


Alterations   Don't worry if your perfect dress isn't such a perfect fit at the beginning.  

Our specialists can work wonders on making your dress fit like a glove and accentuate your figure in all the right places.



  1. Generally it is best to choose your wedding gown first then co-ordinate your bridesmaids gowns and men's formalwear.
  2. On your appointment bring along just one or two people who you love and who's opinions you value and trust if you bring more you will find that all their different views will be confusing.   Avoid bringing children there may be beads and pins on the floor and we have an unguarded steep flight of stairs ~ besides for this part of your wedding plans you need to concentrate on 'you' which you can't do when you have to watch over a child.
  3. Try to have an open mind you never know which design will suit you, many of our brides have had fixed ideas about what they wanted to wear but have ended up with something completely different ~ which is very exciting!
  4. Give some thought as to which would be suitable underwear to use when trying on bridal gowns ~ a strapless bra would help.  

"We love customers in all shapes and sizes!"


Choosing Bridesmaid Gowns


  1. Start by having a colour in mind we have up to 100 colours to choose from. It is a good idea to choose a colour and style which will compliment the bridal gown and the menswear.
  2. Don't worry which style and colour will suit who, we understand that you will be trying to keep everyone happy and that we are all different shapes and sizes, we have all the expertise to advise you.
  3. Delivery times can be the same as bridal gowns and can vary from 6 weeks to 20/24 weeks depending on the designer you choose. Once again it is better to start looking early at least then you can have fun and really enjoy the experience without feeling anxious.



Fitting Advice

When your dress arrives it is more than likely that it will need some adjustments so that it will fit you perfectly on your special day.

By this stage you must have your shoes and lingerie and you need to decide whether you are wearing a hooped underskirt.

Our tailoress and seamstresses have many years of experience within the bridal industry ensuring your gown will fit perfectly on the day.


Below are some Handy Hints which you can print

and keep by your side on your Wedding Day


How to Fasten Lace Up Backs

Lace up dresses or corset back dresses don't have a zipper they are great if you are between sizes as you can adjust the top to fit your

body also good if your weight fluctuates up or down 5 pounds or so as you can adjust the lacing which usually means fewer bodice

alterations are necessary. Insert the modesty panel if desired. Start at the top of the gown, thread the ribbon or

lace from under to outer make sure you have equal lengths of lace before you start to weave. Start threading from left to right just

like you would lace up a shoe, once you have gone into one loop drop the lace and pick up from the other side so that you keep criss

crossing alternately, keep the lace nice and flat as you go along. Carry on all the way down. Once you have threaded the back all the way

down you will need to go back to the top, this is where the bride or maid will need to fit her bust into the cups on the gown and hold it

snug around her waist area while you start to pull in the lace tighter at the top loop. Then work you way down pulling through both

loops on each side together. Try not to catch any crystals with your fingers if the gown has them on at this point. You may need to

repeat this 2 or 3 times until the bride or maid says it is comfy for her. Once this is done tie off the tails of the lace into a bow,

knot or tie. You can tuck the lace down the inside of the gown if you do not like the trails showing.

For Gowns With Zips

Fasten the top hook and eye. Hold the gown at the waist area with your hands whilst the bride or maid lifts their

bust into the cups of the gown. Once they have done this they can hold the waist area nice and tight while you fasten the zip up.

Be extra careful with invisible zips when zipping up.


If the bride has a lace up back on her gown with up to 10 loops she needs approx 5/10 mins to lace back up.

If she has more than 10 and up to 30 she will need 10/20 mins to lace up back.

The same for maids.   A good tip is to stand in line and do each others.

Please add the above times if gowns are lace up to the following.

Countdown to Leaving House

                              1.   Relax, all hair and make up done (not lipstick) approx 1 hour before leaving house, go to the loo now.

                              2.   No food or drinks in the same room as gowns in case of spillage.

                              3.   All underwear shoes and jewellery at hand.

                              4.   Approx 50 mins to go all underwear, perfume and deodorant on.

                              5.   Now is the time to start getting your hoop underskirt on if you have one and bride and all maids to start getting   

                                    dressed.  This will take the longest time.  About 25/30 mins for all to get dressed.  Don't rush this, have fun, relax.

                              6.   Approx 20/25 mins to go time you need to put on all jewellery, tiara, shoes and any other trimmings not yet on.

                              7.   Maids leave the house before bride so you need to put lipstick on when ready and collect your flowers.   By now it

                                    should be approx 10 mins to go time.

                              8.   Goodbye to all maids and Mother of bride.

                              9.   Time for bride to put lipstick on and hold your bouquet.

                              10. Relax with your Dad for 5 mins (no tears) and off you go!        

"Congratulations! & Thank You for choosing Special Daze"

After you have worn your precious gown don't forget to have it

cleaned immediately before you store it away this will avoid permanent stain damage

A cleaning service is available here at Special Daze

Bridal Gowns from only £40


"Last but not least have fun!"